Employee Benefit Solutions Are Becoming Much More Complicated

GII is a Trusted Partner for Employee Benefit Solutions

The mission of Group Insurance, Inc. of LA is to deliver the finest products and services relative to the employee benefit needs of our clients and the brokers who serve them. Attention to details including unique needs, management philosophy, compliance issues, and maximizing value enable us to build continuing personal relationships with the clients and employees we serve.

Group Insurance, Incorporated was founded in 1971 to fill a need for employee benefit services in Louisiana. It is the most tenured health insurance brokerage company in the state. Represented by hundreds of insurance brokers statewide, GII can access products from any carrier approved by the Department of Insurance. GII monitors the competitive pulse of the marketplace ensuring the most affordable choices and value for employers. GII's professional staff mentors employee benefit operatives to allay problems and streamline administrative processes. Federal and state healthcare reform legislation will continue to challenge employers relative to both the affordability and compliance of benefit plans. Balancing these issues with maintaining benefit levels to compete for quality employees will be critical to profitability.

The professional staff at GII is poised to provide employers with options to: 

1. Control Plan Costs
2. Reduce Administration Burden
3. Inform and Educate Employees 
4. Maintain Compliance 

Tailored benefit plans to suit the unique needs of the employer and its employees will keep the plans running smoothly and maximize employee satisfaction.

Serving the Need for the Individual Coverages

Through Its wholly owned subsidiary companies, Insurance Services of America (ISA), and Seniors Advisory Services (SAS), comprehensive and affordable insurance plans are available for individual health, life disability and dental benefits. Short term medical, Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage programs are included in our health insurance portfolio.


Our Commitment 
We are committed to deliver the following values to our clientele: 
 •  Professionalism - We will perform the highest industry standards in treating all those we serve      

   attentively and with dignity.
•  Ethics - Our service performance will demonstrate ethics which exceed industry standards.

•  Integrity in our operations will be a paramount core value. 
•  Accessibility - We realize the importance of being available to our clientele when they need us. 
•  Expertise - We will deliver products and services with knowledge and thoughtfulness making every                              

   effort to ascertain all facts which might affect the interest of our clientele.

• Continuing Education - We realize the value of keeping pace with the rapidly changing employee  

   benefit marketplace. The education process involving our staff is continuous and involves

   governmental impact as well as provider/patient issues.   
• Values - We know the bottom line of our relationship with our clients is the delivery of the best       

   value. We are focused on that objective!


Our bottom line is simple: provide value by making your job effortless and more profitable. We accomplish this through consistently offering a wide-range of high quality carrier and vendor partners through an evolving, complex time in our industry. Our service levels remain top-notch and our expert employee team is dedicated to helping you grow your business with solutions geared toward each unique circumstance.